Isle of Fuerteventura

Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura

The place to go: Puerto del Rosario Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura

Map Puerto del Rosario, FuerteventuraPuerto del Rosario can be classified as a major town which offers a lot to tourists. It is the capital of Fuerteventura, and as such, it has all the exciting sights and distractions a proper town offers to its visitors. Not far away from the international airport, Aereopuerto del Matorral, it attracts crowds of holiday makers, who want an exciting, vibrant city, shopping options, in short a place to be.

Its port is the most important port of the whole of Fuerteventura, and masses of goods are dealt with each day. Of course, Puerto del Rosario has an old part which invites the tourist to stroll, take a look at some smaller shops, have a coffee here, some tapas there.

Lots of history, museums abound

Puerto del Rosario is, above all, a place for the cultural minded. Lots of impressive and beautiful churches are set among palm trees, showing that religion has always played an important role on the island. But major museums can be found here, too, which help the history fan follow the diverse and exciting events that have happened on the island. A museum was erected in honour of Miguel de Unamuno, a once banned writer who receives a post-humous appreciation here. Churches, as mentioned before, are found in abundance. La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario is an example of how beautiful these churches are, serving as havens for the worshippers. Visit la Iglesia de Santa Ana or la Iglesia Santo Domingo de Guzmán or one of the hermitages, Ermita de San Agustín, where you get an idea of how hermits used to live.

A moving sight: the sun setting over the port

The special light that you find on the Canary Islands is most impressive if you leave the town of Puerto del Rosario to move a bit further up. Looking at the ships, the port from the outside in the evening will put your mind to rest. Puerto offers it all: Shopping, night-life, impressive avenues but also those peaceful views and moments when the island seems to belong to you alone. You will go back home feeling you have discovered a dream city!