Isle of Fuerteventura

Hotels in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura – where huge sand dunes embrace hotels with hospitality

With Fuerteventura being the longest one of the Canary islands as well the the one being closest to the African coast it for sure offers a hot and dry climate along with more than 150 endless sandy beaches. Fancy a touristy spot with vivid beach and night life or a more down-to-earth village and some sort of hideaway? Fuerteventura (= island of the strong winds) has it all!

The Fuerteventura hot spots – where it is all happening

Generally speaking, the villages facing the African coast are the more touristy ones, hence you will find the plethora of the stunning 4- and 5-star hotels in Costa Calma, Jandía/Morro Jable, Caleta de Fuste or Corralejo

Jandía/Morro Jable takes pride in being the biggest tourist spot in Fuerteventura and is said to be quite popular with German, French and Dutch sunseekers. Three 4-star RIU hotels, all of them being in the front line of the beach, speak for themselves. Two 4-star Iberostar hotels, situated in the front line as well, complete the ensemble – along with the outstanding Occidental Grand hotel.

Looking for somewhere to go with the family and the kids? Then why not head for Costa Calma (north of Jandía) - quite some 4-star hotels welcome you and your loved ones to spend a holiday worth to remember there. All hotels are located in the front line as well and are really suitable for families.

Other main tourist spots include Caleta de Fuste and Corralejo, the latter being quite up in the north and at the very top of the island. Two RIU hotels provide adequate accommodation in Corralejo, one of them being situated amidst the awesome Parque Natural de las Dunas de Corralejo Beach.

Looking for more stars? - Caleta de Fuste/Costa Caleta awaits you!

Costa Caleta mainly attracts British tourists; however, if 4-star hotels are not your cup of tea and your a looking for something more luxurious, then the 5-star resorts in Caleta de Fuste might be just right for you: The Elba Palace Golf hotel and the Solvasa Geranios Suites hotel provide all the comfort and luxury you might expect from a 5-star hotel. In addition to that, both of them are close to the golf course.

Off the beaten track - go West...

In case you are desperately longing for a hideaway, try heading for El Cotillo or La Pared, both situated on the West coast the island. As far as accommodation is concerned, some apartments and villas should satisfy your needs to the full. Enjoy the silence, but make sure not to get lost, hence Fuerteventura has got so much more to offer!