Isle of Fuerteventura

Windmill Tiscamanita

In a tiny, introspective village on Fuerteventura you can find a real worth seeing windmill. If you drive from Tuineje in direction to Antigua you come to a village called Tiscamanita. You really shall stop in Tiscamanita and visit the windmill.

Windmill in Tiscamanita

A museum round the windmill has been created to tell to the visitors the story about the windmills and the tradition of Fuerteventura. The information about windmills is very interesting, but only available in Spanish.

windmill in the museum

Windmill in the museum of Tiscamanita

On the museum area you find beside the windmill other traditional facilities like a bakery oven, where bread and other bakery have been produced in former times.

traditiona oven
Baking oven on the museum area

Inside of the museum you can see many different traditional objects, which have been of daily use for the habitants of Fuerteventura. A traditional millstone really got me surprised. It is really interesting to see what big inventory spirit humans had such a long time ago. It really got me impressed how the forces and energy of nature, such as wind, have been uses by humans to produce energy and other things.


Grinding the grain with the millstone is very easy and practical.
As the windmill is situated inside a historic building, the visit of the area is really interesting and special. Here you can see objects of use and tools, which have been uses by the habitants of the isle in former times. An example is a volcanic stone to distillate water.

Morter used by the habitants in former times

rack wheel
Rack Wheel

A rack wheel, which has been made out of wood, can be seen in the museum. It is really of interest to see with which care the rack wheel has been made.

In the museum of the windmill of Tiscamanita you can learn a lot about tradition and life or survival on Fuerteventura. The windmill of Tiscamanita until nowadays is still used to grind grain.

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