Isle of Fuerteventura

excursion to the neighbour island Lanzarote

Fuerteventura is situated right next to the Canary Isle Lanzarote in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Who spends his holiday on the Canary isles doesn’t have to stay only on one isle because you can do isle hopping and visit the neighbor isles. You can stay for more time or only make an excursion. It is very easy to get from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote.

The ferries from Fred Olsen are departing every day from Corralejo in the North of Fuerteventura and take their guests to Lanzarote. The trip takes more or less about 15 minutes. Thanks to this connection you have the possibility to visit the volcanic isle of Lanzarote, which characteristics are very typical for a volcanic isle.

You can take the trip to Lanzarote on the ferry with or without your own rental car. If you take your own car to Lanzarote you can make different excursions by yourself on an individual way. During the trip you can enjoy the sun on the sun terrace and watch the beautiful landscape.

You can buy the ferry tickets directly at the harbor of Corralejo or buy them directly online. It is not necessary to plan the trip to Lanzarote and you can decide spontaneously.

In front of Fuerteventura there is another isle, which is called Isla de Lobos, what means the wolfs isle. The Isla de Lobos are reached as well from Corralejo. You need more or less 20 minutes for the journey. Small ferries bring the guests from Fuerteventura to Lanzarote. On windy days the waves can be very high and the sea rough so it is not recommendable to take this trip on a windy day if you are not prepared for a little adventure.

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