Isle of Fuerteventura

Excursion to Cofete, a shepherds village

A nice excursion you can make on Fuerteventura is a tour to Cofete on the South of the isle.
Our excursion was a real nice experience. Cofete is one of the smallest villages of the isle where you can see locals and their way of life.

The breeding of the goats hast got a long tradition in this area and many families formerly dedicated their time to breeding. Cofete is a village of shepherds and farmers.
Typical specialties from this area are goat milk, goat cheese (Majorero Cheese) and delicious dishes with goat meat.

goats in Cofete

To get to Cofete you start from Morro Jable, from where an earth road leads to the village. For this trail a Landrover would be the best, but as well with a normal car you can get there. You have to take precaution and don’t leave the earth road and take care about the oncoming cars. On a junction you have to take the way right down to Cofete.

shepherds monument

When you arrive in Cofete you see a monument in honor of the shepherds, who lived in difficult live conditions on the isle.
In Cofete there are only few houses and some cabanas or cots for the shepherds and the animals.

Playa Cofete beach

Near to the shepherds monument you find a typical Canarian bar, which you really shall visit. I recommend you to try the goat cheese. A really delicious dish is goat meat in sauce with potatoes. Never before I tried so delicious goat meat.

Cofete beach

Beneath the little village there is a kilometer long beach named Playa de Cofete. Unfortunately we had bad weather and it was cloudy and windy. In the summer period the beach is a nice place to visit and you can go walking from Cofete to the beach of Barlovento.

Guize ane Ayoze – former kings of the aborigines called Guanches

After visiting Cofete we continued our excursion to Pajara and Betancuria. On the way we saw another monument of two bronze statues, representing two former kings of the Guanch aborigines, who remind the people of the ancient times of Fuerteventura.

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