Isle of Fuerteventura

Cumbre de Betancuria – goat and sheep farm and cheese dairy

Who is interested in culture and gastronomy of Fuerteventura can visit a goat and cheese farm. The isle is well known for sheep and goat cheese and other specialty’s as marmalade out of cactus fruits or different liquors.

Cumbres de Betancuria – cheese dairy and goat farm

Near the village of Betancuria in the interior of the isle you find the cheese dairy and goat farm called Cumbres de Betancuria.

The guest room

The farm house by itself is already a visit worst and in the inside you can find many interesting decoration articles and old tools, which were used to do different works at the farm. In the farm cheese, coffee and sweets are served for the guests and the owners are happy to show interested visitors around.
At the bar in the shop you can taste different kinds of cheese and liquors. As well you can try some Almogrotte and Mojo sauces. Another delicious thing here is the famous honey rum, which you should try.

The bar

In the cheese dairy Cumbres de Betancuria you can by half mature, mature or fresh cheese. The special thing about the cheese is the crust, which is made out of Gofio, red pepper or olive oil.

The shop

The cots of the goats and sheeps are huge and the animals have a lot of space to move. It is quite funny to see the animals running around all over the farm. In the cots we saw a part of the sheeps and goats as well a peacock, donkeys and camels.

The huge cot

Who wants to taste or buy fresh, delicious goat and sheep cheese can visit Cumbres de Betancuria on Fuerteventura.

a beautiful peacock on the farm

You can find the farm if you drive from Betancuria in direction to Antigua and on the second street you turn on the left (opposite of the Franciscan convent). Then you pass by the farm Granja La Villa and in a few minutes you find the cheese dairy Cumbres de Betancuria.

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