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Windmill Tiscamanita

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

In a tiny, introspective village on Fuerteventura you can find a real worth seeing windmill. If you drive from Tuineje in direction to Antigua you come to a village called Tiscamanita. You really shall stop in Tiscamanita and visit the windmill.

Windmill in Tiscamanita

A museum round the windmill has been created to tell to the visitors the story about the windmills and the tradition of Fuerteventura. The information about windmills is very interesting, but only available in Spanish.

windmill in the museum

Windmill in the museum of Tiscamanita

On the museum area you find beside the windmill other traditional facilities like a bakery oven, where bread and other bakery have been produced in former times.

traditiona oven
Baking oven on the Read the rest

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Antigua – picturesque village on Fuerteventura

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Antigua means in Spanish ancient and the village is one of the oldest villages on the Isle of Fuerteventura. Antigua is situated in the center of the Isle, near the village of Betancuria.

The village was built in the 18. century and has been the capitol of Fuerteventura for one year. Afterwards the capital was changed to La Oliva near Puerto del Rosario. At the moment Antigua counts with 3.000 habitants and a surface of 250 qkm.

In the center of Antigua there is a picturesque church, which is dominating the village. The church was built in 1785 and is situated in the middle of green spaces with trees and plants. The church is open for … Read the rest

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El Cotillo – wonderful coast village

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

In the North of the Canary Isle Fuerteventura, on the Westside, is situated a small village called El Cotillo.

The small village directly at the coast side is famous for surfers and watersport and generally for all people, who want to know a traditional village on the isle.

In the center of El Cotillo you find a small harbor, where the fishermen arrive with fresh fish and seafood. The other harbor, where the boats are, is quiet new. The old harbor is situated near the new harbor, separated only by a small path.

Near the old harbor you can find lots of bars and restaurants, where you can taste typical canarian food and wine and … Read the rest

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Granja La Villa – cheese dairy and farm

Saturday, March 9th, 2013

Fuerteventura is well known for the delicious goat cheese. The Majorero cheese forms part of the diet of the habitants nearly every day. For visitants and others the cheese is something very special. Who spends his holiday on Fuerteventura, can try and buy this cheese. If you are interested in the elaboration of the special cheese you can visit some milk dairy’s and special farms.

Such kind of farms are situated near Betancuria. This village is placed in the middle of the isle and it’s got many places of interest and historic buildings to visit. If you drive from Betancuria in direction to Antigua you find a road on the left side opposite of a Franciscan Monastery on … Read the rest

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Mysterious stone buildings on the beach

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Who visited Fuerteventura for a holiday maybe saw some mysterious stone buildings in the form of a U on the beaches. Those stone buildings are found over all in the area around Jandia and Costa Calma, where people love to enjoy the sun at the beaches and also on some other beaches on Fuerteventura and Lanzarote.

The locals call those stone buildings hoyos, what means something like hole or tumb. For tourists with fantasy those stone buildings can be like a hiding place or a fortress. Principally the hoyos protect the visitors on the beach from the wind and as a second effect they protect them as well from the vies of curious visitors. Behind the hoyos you Read the rest

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